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General Hospital SPOILERS – June 29 – July 3, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael returns Avery to Sonny.
A photo of Ethan and Lucky arrives!
Denise arrives to see Sonny.
Dante heads to British Columbia.
Holly and Laura make peace with the past.
Jake rejects a job offer from Nikolas.
Dante tells Sonny about Lulu and Dillon.
Yet another enemy from Luke and Laura’s past appears!
Luke is determined to make it back to Tracy.
Morgan tries to fight his one-track mind..
TJ shares with Molly.
Jake and Sam share a common goal.. helping Michael!
Maxie grills Dante, still annoyed with Valerie.
Ric does his best to hide his devious ways…
Sam is honest with Nikolas.
Ava still can’t keep her hands off Morgan.
Franco is watching out for Kiki.
Sonny decides to keep Carly in the loop.
Help is on the way for Luke and Laura!
4th of July fireworks in Port Charles…
Dante can’t undo things…
Nina is desperate to make Franco jealous.
The truth is revealed to Luke and Laura.
Spencer is feeling quite left out.
Sam finds herself in a pickle.
Denise gets more comfortable with Franco.

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