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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 13 – 17, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Anna gets rattled after her meeting with Liv.
Jason takes time to help Carly…
Ava is devastated and wracked with guilt!
Nora assures Valentin things are going their way.
Carly takes a shot at Olivia, but misses…
Tracy receives an unexpected letter from Larry Ashton.
Sonny hands Olivia over to the police.
Julian will do anything to save Alexis!
Elizabeth wants to find out more about Jake’s life with Helena.
Lulu and Dante are feeling positive about the future.
Everything catches up with Ava…
Alexis looks back on her life with Julian.
Laura decides to confront Valentin!
Sonny has a moment of clarity and makes a decision.
Helena still wields power from beyond the grave.
Lulu decides to ask Kevin for help.
Things are closing in on Finn…
Curtis starts to question Andre’s true intentions.
Franco has a disturbing breakthrough in a therapy session.
Dante confronts Sonny about making changes in his life.
Carly is hell-bent on revenge!
Kiki needs a shoulder and Dillon is there.
Carly is spitting mad after an encounter with Ava..
Dante does his best to calm troubled waters.
Elizabeth has a gift for Sam, who is touched by the gesture.