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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 14 – 18, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Epiphany questions Elizabeth about her new thing with Franco.
Alexis grills Molly about Kristina.
Nina calls out Franco on his trip to see Elizabeth and Jake.
Nikolas is disappointed that Helena just left him a portrait.
Kristina decides to share her situation with Molly.
Sam decides to take a major step forward.
Mayor Lomax will stop at nothing in Olivia’s lawsuit.
Things are about to get frightening for Ava.
Helena has the last word with her usual drama!
Anna learns the truth about Griffin and his interest in her.
Nathan comes clean to Dante about the Claudette situation.
Maxie and Dillon are stunned by what they find!
The truth slowly starts coming out of Kristina…
Franco finds himself on the wrong side of Dr Obrecht.
Things do not turn out for Julian as expected!
Sonny is determined to get to the bottom of Kristina’s secret.
Carly makes a difference in the public breast-feeding case.
Nina is not pleased about Franco and Elizabeth’s new friendship.
Sonny is surprisingly there for Ava and Kiki.
Tracy’s test results are in, Monica does everything she can to help.
Dante worries about Valerie, which doesn’t impress her at all.