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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 16 – 20, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Elizabeth shares details of her love life with Patrick.
Julian gets down to mob business and hires Jake.
After a chat with Carly, Ric wants to deal with his Jake problem.
Sonny finally meets the mysterious Jake he has heard so much about..
It’s Kiki and Morgan vs. Michael.. a soon-to-be “alcoholic”.
Anna thinks Jordan could really be in trouble this time.
Nathan suggests Jordan wears a wire to meet Duke.
Sabrina is suspicious of Rosalie.
It’s a reunion for Sonny and Spinelli at the boxing gym…
Elizabeth leans on Jake for support.
It’s confession time for Maxie where Nathan is concerned.
Franco and Nina have to sort things out… and it’s not easy.
Lulu and Tracy get closer to unraveling the Spencer family mystery.
Duke and Lucy have a heart to heart.
Spencer is on a mission to find the truth.
Nathan has just about had enough with Spinelli!
Sam has unfinished business with her cousin Nikolas.
Cameron is filled with regret.
The Nurse’s Ball is a hot topic for Lucy and Sabrina!
Silas has to decide how far he will go to help Ava.

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