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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 2 – 6, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Julian buries the hatchet with Carlos Rivera!
Nina and Franco admit their feelings for each other…
Ric plays hardball with Michael at the custody hearing.
Commissioner Sloane offers Jake an undercover job.
Julian keeps busy with mob-related business.
It’s time to grieve for Ava.. in New York City.
Alexis really isn’t sure about Michael’s plan.
Olivia tells Dante he’s going to have a new half-sibling…
Carly tries to keep the peace as her family falls apart.
Elizabeth spills the beans to Jake about Ric.
There’s a shocker in the courtroom!
Nina and Franco have a new surprising pal.
Jake asks Carly for advice.
Bobbie, Lulu and Tracy get closer to the truth as details of the Spencer
family history are uncovered.
Morgan follows Sonny’s guidance.
Julian attempts to have a “fatherly” chat with Michael.
Maxie is caught unawares by Spinelli.. big time!
Nikolas has some information for his cousin Sam.
For Nathan, honesty is the ONLY policy..

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