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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 21 – 25, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Laura encourages Nikolas to find answers in Helena’s gift.
Franco opens up to Nina about his fear of having kids.
Jason reluctantly accepts that Franco can help Jake.
Spinelli gets one step closer to the truth about Hayden.
Dillon contacts Ned to tell him about Tracy’s health scare.
Dr Obrecht does not get her way at the hospital…
There’s a new doctor in town… Michael Easton is back!!
Laura’s key unlocks a trunk.. which takes her to Scotty.
Nothing can prepare Nikolas for what he’s about to learn!
Kristina is finding herself conflicted over Parker.
Nina has no intention of giving up her desire to have a family.
Elizabeth unexpectedly stumbles on the truth about Hayden.
Anna isn’t really sure what Griffin is up to…
Nina is determined to find out what’s happening to Crimson.
Tracy’s test results are in, Monica does everything to help.
Ava is desperate for help, and has no choice but to ask…
Tracy decides it’s time to ramp up the fight for ELQ!
Laura and Lulu work together to unravel a mystery from Helena.
Elizabeth may find a way to the truth about Jake’s missing years.