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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 23 – 27, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Jake is shocked to meet his so-called wife, Hayden Barns!
Patrick catches Sam off-guard when he asks her to move in.
Ric pays Hayden and gives her official documents.
Julian asks Alexis to move in with him!
Tracy and Lulu meet Valerie Spencer, while Luke stays hidden.
Carly can’t believe what Elizabeth tells her.
Sloane figures out what Jordan is hiding.
Shawn worries about Jordan as Duke keeps Sonny in the loop.
Kiki and Morgan move forward with their plan, and replace Michael’s allergy pills.
Something doesn’t feel right to Jake… or Elizabeth.
Sam needs to think about Patrick, but is distracted by thoughts of Jake.
A truth comes out about Nina in the courtroom.
Maxie isn’t happy with Nathan, while Spinelli makes an appeal.
Tension continues between Julian and Duke.
Luke just wants to understand what’s happening to him.
Nina and Franco hatch another plot together!
The fight for ELQ is heating up and Ned and Michael can’t be too careful.
Olivia is having serious doubts about her lie…
Patrick impresses Sam… with Danny.
Silas is stunned by what Ava asks of him.
Things are getting major between Franco and Nina.
Lulu and Dante are stunned by what they learn.
The Spencer family mystery is one major step closer to being solved.

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