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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 27 – 31, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Tracy and Laura head to a monastery to pick up the painting!
Franco surprises Nina with a gift…
Nina wants Griffin to keep Anna away from Valentin.
For Ned it’s marriage or nothing at all…
Ava has no choice but to go along with Lucy.
Valentin tries to complete the missing pieces of the puzzle.
Alexis receives a surprise visitor when she least expects it.
Ava’s silence may cost her dearly..
Tracy finds an unlikely new ally!
Laura grills Sonny for more information on Nelle.
Jason causes friction between Liz and Franco.
Curtis and Jordan’s bond gets stronger…
Elizabeth confides in Kiki.
Ned wonders about his future with Olivia.
Valentin shares information, leaving Anna shocked.
Sam decides to investigate for herself.
Laura looks to Sonny for answers…
Things do not go as planned for Ava!
Nathan stresses about what’s next for him.
Alexis isn’t sure she can cope without hitting the bottle!
It’s make or break time for Carly and Sonny.
Jake’s issues cause major conflict between Franco and Liz.
Lucy knows what Ava is hiding and isn’t afraid to use it!
Laura and Lulu think they can work with Nelle…