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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 28 – April 1, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Carly wants Sonny to carefully consider his next move.
Franco asks Scotty about his decision to help Ava.
Morgan opens up and and shares his fears with Michael.
Curtis figures out what’s been happening to Crimson.
Ava has no choice but to place her trust in Scotty.
She is trying to help Morgan, but Kiki has flashbacks of her own!
Nina is frustrated by Julian’s negative attitude.
In her desperation, Hayden turns to blackmailing Nikolas.
Nathan starts to open up to Maxie about his past!
Sonny makes a point of reminding Julian that Carlos is alive.
Kristina finally lets Alexis in on what she’s been hiding.
Ava receives an offer of sorts… from Scotty.
It doesn’t take long for Curtis to figure out the truth.
Kiki wants something pretty major of Ava.
Nikolas decides to share the latest information with Sam.
Ned finally returns to Port Charles!
The claws are out for Elizabeth and Hayden’s exchange.
Jason can’t help but feel closer to the Quartermaines.
Morgan is truly committed to his recovery, and makes it known!
An intriguing offer comes Julian’s way.
Anna decides to work with an unexpected partner.