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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 30 – April 3, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Duke admits he plans to take out Jordan.
Bobbie and Tracy are shocked to find Luke has Patricia bound and gagged!
Sloane is now in the know about Jordan.
Jake is staying in Port Charles for his new job.
Sam decides to move in with Patrick!
Franco and Nina blackmail Olivia into a room at the Metro Court.
Luke has a moment of clarity, then escapes!
Elizabeth confides in Patrick about Jake.
Liz surrenders to her feelings..
Ric’s “fake wife” plan appears to be going well…
Lulu and Dante keep busy looking for Pat Spencer.
Spencer wants to make sure Emma isn’t going anywhere.
Duke shares an important detail with Sonny.
It’s Shawn vs Julian!
Julian gives Sam his honest opinion, as her dad.
Carly has a chance meeting that turns hostile.
Jake has a dream about a past life (and wife!), while Sam focuses on Patrick.
General Hospital celebrates it’s 52nd Anniversary with a time warp!
Ric makes sure he is there for Elizabeth.. and Cam.
Spencer discovers Nikolas has something to hide.

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