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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 6 – 10, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Carly can’t believe Michael might still care about Nelle!
Liv crazily believes Griffin is Duke as he and Anna take her down.
Joss goes to see Nelle.
Rudge tries to smother Julian when Felix walks in!
At Charlotte’s custody hearing, Nina sings Valentin’s praises.
Sonny warns Michael and tells him Nelle is dangerous.
Anna has no choice but to deal with her past.
Regardless of what Michael wants, Nelle makes her own decision.
Liv despises Anna and wants her dead.
Jason makes a dangerous move…
Nora Buchanan is Valentin’s custody lawyer!
Jordan pushes Julian to share everything he knows.
Jason and Sam hear distressing news.
Finn is spiraling out of the control…
Carly demands to know the whole truth!
Nina is starting to have doubts about Valentin.
Elizabeth is there for Julian when he needs help.
Nelle has an important confession to make…
Robin hears about Liv’s plans for General Hospital.
Liv has Ava just where she wants her.
Nina receives an intriguing offer from Laura.
Franco has a new job!
It’s a turbulent time for Sonny and Carly.
Olivia has Anna in her sights.
Kiki and Ava have a heartfelt mother daughter moment.
Griffin takes a chance that may cost him…
Michael can’t believe what Sonny is telling him.