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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 7 – 11, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Carlos says no to Paul’s offer of immunity for his testimony!
Anna learns the truth about Griffin and his interest in her.
Sam is becoming a real problem for Hayden.
Carly fills Jason in on his family history.
It’s decision time for Dante and Lulu!
Michael really doesn’t think Sabrina’s story adds up.
Jordan can’t help but notice Andre with someone else.
Sonny and Carly have a very honest and emotional talk.
Dillon is stunned that Tracy’s condition could be serious.
Sam doesn’t get much from Baxter, but that doesn’t stop her.
Anna tells Sonny the truth about Carlos and Sabrina.
Hayden can’t avoid her past and shares a snippet with Nik.
Anna decides to do some digging on Griffin herself!
Jason has a Quartermaine family memory, PRE Jason Morgan!
Griffin is very interested in Anna, and stays close…
There are conditions attached if Jordan wants Curtis’ help.
Sam gets another step closer to the truth about Hayden.
Laura has no idea what surprises might be in Helena’s will.
Even Griffin can’t explain what’s happening to Tracy.
Helena has the last word with her usual drama!
Nathan comes clean to Dante about the Claudette situation.