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General Hospital SPOILERS – March 9 – 13, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Things do not go well for Franco and Nina as Luke escapes!
Tracy hears all about Luke’s latest exploits..
Maxie chooses Nathan, but Spinelli won’t give up..
Michael decides to call Avery “AJ”..
Maxie and Spinelli worry while Georgie is in the hospital.
Nina and Franco have answer for Luke’s escape.
Elizabeth decides to come clean with Ric.
Sonny and Duke put Jordan on the hot seat.
The handsome detectives are still on the Luke Spencer case!
Julian thinks he has a way to Sonny.
He won Avery, but Michael continues to go after Sonny.
It’s old home week for Spinelli and Sam.
Sonny is none too pleased about Jake’s new role in Carly’s life.
Anna pops by for a chat with Sloane.
Jake has something to ask of Sam…
Silas passes on bad news.
Trouble is afoot at Shadybrook.
Special Agent Anna Devane puts pressure on the Port Charles crime families.
Sabrina receives an interesting job offer from Michael.
She has to ‘fess up, so Maxie turns to her best pal Lulu.
Jake faces a surprise visitor!
Spinelli’s spidey sense is tingling..
Port Charles is once again a Mob hotspot!
Shawn wonders what Julian is up to??

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