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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 1 – 5, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Carly stands her ground when it comes to Sonny’s assets.
Sonny’s one night stand turns out to be Carly’s attorney!
Nathan shares his troubles with Amy.
Sonny is convinced Martina is playing him.
Tracy makes her decision on Thursday, May 4th.
Carly uses work as a distraction.
Griffin passes along some bad news.
Anna takes responsibility for her own actions.
Dante is there for Nathan during a tough time.
Sonny hits the bottle at the Haunted Star!
Nelle tries to get through to Nina.
Sam and Jason give Elizabeth and Franco important information.
Tracy and Monica make the right decision together.
Desperate to learn more, Jason heads to Cassadine Island.
Amy is all about the Nurse’s Ball!
Carly’s spidey sense tells her something is off…
Elizabeth can’t help but worry.
Ned has important news to share!
Ava connects the dots, which leads to a breakthrough.
Carly finds herself powerless to resist.
Finn doesn’t realize what Brad is up to.
Lucy finds an unexpected partner in crime.
Nathan makes a move, but it doesn’t go well.
Jason realizes he needs to let go of his suspicions.
Ava has impeccable timing!