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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 15 – 19, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Alex is knocked unconscious.
Brad has choice words for Laura.
Anna realizes she has been drugged for two months!
Lulu and Valentin make real progress.
After meeting Nina, Andre leaves “Anna” a warning message.
Michael is worried about Nelle in the hospital.
Kiki and Michael connect…
Liz is optimistic the worst is behind them.
Alexis is able to move forward.
Lucy finally gives in…
Robin is very suspicious!
Jason has a heart-to-heart with Jake about the past.
Elizabeth is not pleased with Franco.
Jake expresses a real interest in something new.
Finn has a shocking accusation…
Bobbie just wants Carly to be happy.
Anna gets some welcome assistance.
Lucy unexpectedly changes her mind!
Julian has an important decision to make.
Nina finds comfort from an unlikely source.
Nathan saves the day!
Lulu has an opportunity to get closer to Charlotte.
Hayden and Finn team up together for a plan.
Nelle is feeling rather depressed.