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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 16 – 20, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael is convinced the doorstep baby belongs to Sabrina..
Nikolas finds out he has a big tax problem.
Sonny loses it on Julian, and tells Alexis she is nothing to him.
Jason shares his memories with an ecstatic Carly!
Alexis decides to keep the evidence incriminating Julian.
Nikolas has no choice but to push things even further.
Carly is worried about Sonny’s next move.
Monica uses her authority and makes a judgment call.
Just one more week until the Nurse’s Ball!
It’s starting to look like Hayden is out of options.
Tracy is completely blindsided…
Ava really needs Morgan’s help.
Michael is surprised by his own feelings.
Dr. Obrecht seeks the truth, and starts looking herself.
Jason has an intense conversation with Sonny now that his memory is back.
Lucy is back and gets things all wrong when it comes to Kevin.
Kevin has a very interesting offer for Laura.
Elizabeth is forced to share upsetting news with Jake.
Brad and Lucas finally have a wedding date!
Alexis and Julian hit a real bumpy patch in their marriage.
Hayden approaches Tracy for assistance.