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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 2 – 6, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Hale is dead and Anna goes after Alexis!
Franco shows Nina his sketch, but wishes her happiness.
Nikolas tells Hayden/Rachel that it’s over.
In memory of Duke, Anna teaches Griffin their tango.
Despite Sam’s worry, Julian makes sure he is covered.
Alexis continues to dig in her quest for the truth.
Carly is caught off-guard by Finn’s surprising reaction.
Griffin appears to be hiding something from Mac.
Nikolas deals with Hayden just like a Cassadine would!
Maxie gets the help she needs from Sam after all.
Franco catches Nina off-guard with his gesture.
There’s a new nurse in town, and her name is Amy!
Hayden decides to put her Nikolas plan in motion.
Sam really needs the truth from Julian.
There’s trouble ahead at the PCPD!
Carly begs Sonny to reconsider his options.
Dante and Lulu realize it’s time to make decisions about the future.
Anna can’t help herself and lashes out at Alexis.
Hayden and Nikolas keep trying to get one up on each other.
Anna and Griffin share the anniversary of Duke’s death.
Knowing what he knows, Liz and Franco’s friendship angers Jason.
Jordan and Andre move forward with their relationship.
Grffin shares more about his own story.
Sonny makes a decision to handle things his own way.
Finally, it’s Anna vs Julian!