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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 23 – 27, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Bobbie is desperate to get help for Lucas!
Liesl grills Finn about his past, but he refuses to answer.
Dillon and Kiki’s new closeness unfolds in front of Morgan.
Nikolas has a one-time offer for Hayden and her diamonds.
Lucas is committed to marrying Brad at the Nurse’s Ball.
Obrecht gives Elizabeth unsolicited advice about Finn..
Nikolas and Jason face off on the red carpet.
Robin makes a heartfelt return home for the Nurse’s Ball.
The Nurse’s Ball welcomes back Magic Milo to the stage!
Alexis makes a snap decision… and makes a phone call.
Ava and Paul try to push each other to the limit.
Anna is given a chance to say a bittersweet goodbye.
Tracy manages to catch Dillon completely off guard.
Things unexpectedly go awry for Lucas.
Elizabeth feels the sting of public humiliation…
It’s an Ava vs Carly rematch!
Elizabeth warns Nikolas he could be taking a huge risk.
The annual Nurse’s Ball is HERE!
Dr. Obrecht has big scene-stealing plans in store…
Michael finally hears the full story.
A body is found.. and an arrest is made!