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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 29 – June 2, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Sonny doesn’t think it’s all over!
Amy’s past catches up with her.
Alexis tries to move forward…
Lulu falls for a deceptive ploy.
Curtis makes an honourable decision.
Nathan has it out with Amy.
Nina is completely rattled.
Jason and Elizabeth do everything they can to protect Jake!
Carly tries to patch things up with Andre.
Anna has her doubts about Valentin…
Dante is convinced there is more to the story.
Kiki makes a decision to find the truth.
Michael is optimistic that the tide might be turning.
Alexis finally has positive news!
Kiki has an ethical dilemma…
Finn is starting to think the worst is behind him.
Nina is kind of freaked out!
Dante saves the day.
Sonny starts to regret his actions.