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General Hospital SPOILERS – May 9 – 13, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Nathan has a life-threatening head injury!
Anna learns that Griffin was shot in the past.
Carly is convinced Alexis never got over Sonny.
Anna faces off with an escaped Carlos, decides not to shoot him.
In a time of need, Jason’s memories come flooding back!
Sonny pleads with Jason for help.
Hayden and Nikolas continue to conspire against each other.
Jason wants Sam to know everything he experienced.
Anna is desperate to find a way for Carlos to pay.
Lulu wants Maxie to leave Nathan’s past behind.
Heather offers her two cents worth…
Obrecht and Maxie wait anxiously for an update on Nathan.
Both Sam and Jordan give Alexis a piece of their mind!
Kiki tries to convince Nina to take Franco back.
Sam is caught off-guard and a little shaken by Jason.
It’s a tough time for Anna, but a familiar face comes through.
Franco’s plans for Nina are quickly derailed.
Alexis finds herself conflicted, not sure what to do.
Sonny and Anna are totally floored by Griffin!
A major accident has potentially devastating consequences.