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General Hospital Spoilers – November 10 – 14, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael is faced with a difficult choice – kill or not to kill.
Ava is desperate and inconsolable.
Jake/Jason accepts a generous offer from Elizabeth.
Kiki and Morgan finally tell Michael what they have been hiding!
Sonny braces himself for the worst, haunted by the past…
Sam is introduced to Jake/Jason!
Franco plays games with Bobbie.
Nathan demands answers from Rosalie.
He sees her kiss Ned, but Julian just won’t give up on Alexis.
Elizabeth is committed to helping Jason/Jake remember.
Carly’s world is shattered.
Michael and Rosalie are drawn to each other.
Franco is conflicted about what to do next!
Kiki is shocked by a turn of events.
Dante and Nathan find themselves caught in a trap!
Jordan and Shawn go on the offensive.
Nikolas and Britt are caught off guard by a surprise guest.
Nina’s dramatic downward spiral continues despite mother
Madeline’s pleas…

Updated November 12th.