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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 14 – 18, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Franco unleashes his anger…
Anna promises to help Griffin keep Charlotte away from Valentin.
Elizabeth realizes that Franco is heading to see Tom Baker!
Carly learns more about Morgan’s issues from Andre.
Bobbie continues to be suspicious of Nelle.
Anna can’t quite figure out why Valentin is so familiar..
Carly and Jason have a meaningful discussion.
Elizabeth is caught off-guard, and not in a good way!
Jason is there for Sonny, and shares major news with him.
Franco does what he can for Liz…
Lucy confronts Scotty about her suspicions.
Jax has major suspicions about Nelle.
Laura and Valentin face off with each other.
Sonny’s confession is unexpected and shocking!
Jason does what he can for Carly….
Elizabeth has a decision to make when Hayden needs help.
Ava finally says her own goodbye to Morgan.
Jax is able to get through to Alexis.
Carly is stunned by new information!
Sam and Jason discover a game-changing clue…
Griffin completely loses it!