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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 16 – 20, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Franco is arrested for running Carly off the road!
Morgan tells Kiki she sould get a job at the Metro Court.
Lulu wants a legal separation from Dante.
Carly is furious with Ava after seeing proof Morgan was there.
At Crimson, Maxie is supportive of an overwhelmed Nina.
Lulu sees Valierie with her head on Dante’s shoulder.
All roads lead to Cassadine Island!
Robin can’t bring herself to tell the truth, in fear for Emma.
Anna hasn’t quite given up on her new therapist.
Maxie styles Nina for her job at Crimson!
Sonny and Patrick have a chat about Jason.
Jason turns to Spinelli to help him find answers.
Nina didn’t think a job would be this tough.
Elizabeth and Sam both decide to follow Jason.
For Carly and Sonny, it’s a battle of wills.
Hayden will stop at nothing to figure out who shot her.
Paul and Ava’s connection starts to grow…
Valerie sends an email, which is totally read the wrong way!
Epiphany and Sonny work together to get him walking again.
Nathan has a new investigation – who ran Carly off the road?
Hayden continues to scheme with her accomplice.
Elizabeth and Sam face off over Jason.
Nikolas finally fesses up to the truth!
Hayden is oh-so-close to finding out more of Nik’s secrets.
Morgan is starting to really worry Carly again!