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General Hospital Spoilers – November 17 – 21, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael decides to take the Quartermaine name!
Patrick receives good news from the hospital, he has his job back.
Sam and Patrick are intrigued by Larry Ashton and kick
off a new project.
Anna is suspicious about Agent Sloane’s visit.
Sonny finally understands what his actions have cost him!
Things get worse for Kiki when Michael suspects her of interfering.
Olivia has choice words for Julian about his sister!
Franco is there for Nina…
Shawn and Jordan come clean to TJ with details of his father.
Anna discloses what she knows about Faison.
Liesl forces Britt to help with the plan to take down Anna.
Sam and Patrick start investigating Larry, which could lead
to trouble.
Silas agrees to support a desperate Ava.
Anna grills Julian about what he knows…
Lulu may be able to help Sam and Patrick.
Sonny strikes a deal…
Sam and Patrick uncover details about Luke!
Nikolas is surprised by an admission from Britt.
Julian is conflicted about telling Alexis the truth, but
it has to be done.
A determined Spencer tries to win Emma back again.
Jake enjoys getting closer to Elizabeth and Cam.

Updated November 19th.