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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 2 – 6, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

A crushed Lulu tells Dante he means nothing to her…
Valerie is furious at Dillon for deliberately showing the clip.
Carly gets confirmation that Jake is Jason!
A drunken Kiki gets behind the wheel and crashes with Carly.
Hayden stops Liz just as she’s about to walk down the aisle!
Morgan hooks up with Darby which puts Kiki in a tailspin.
Lulu is equally furious that friends and family kept her in the dark.
Carly is missing, and Jakes decides it’s on him to find her!
Nikolas talks Laura down about the upcoming wedding.
Paul steps in to give Ava some well-meaning advice.
Morgan still wants to be there for Kiki…
Patrick and Sam share a blissful family moment with the kids.
Ric throws a wrench in Ava’s plans with Avery.
Hell hath no fury like.. Lulu!
Jake is puzzled why Hayden cares about his wedding so much.
Here comes the bride…
Ava can’t hold back with Sonny!
In complete disbelief, Carly needs to find answers.
Lulu’s world comes crumbling down around her!
Laura still won’t let go of her worries.
Ava is open to advice from Scott on dealing with a tricky situation.

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