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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 21 – 25, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Danate and Jordan continue the case against Sonny.
Jax is there for Carly…
Dillon finds an opportunity to spend time with Kiki.
Jordan finds Curtis particularly irritating.
Nelle listens in on a private chat.
TJ has a spur of the moment idea!
Julian receives an unexpected phone call…
Lucy knows exactly who she’s dealing with in Scotty!
Dante and Lulu have a surprise for Maxie…
Sam and Jason wonder if they should partner with Curtis.
It’s time for another Quartermaine Family Thanksgiving!
Julian tries to get through to Alexis about her drinking…
Finn receives the results of Hayden’s tests.
Sonny and Laura have a heart-to-heart about their recent losses.
Scott surprisingly keeps the promise he made to Ava.