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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 23 – 27, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Sam makes her choice and asks Patrick to marry her!
Morgan finally agrees to get help…
Carlos is alive and wants Sabrina to run away with him.
Dante is crushed by the separation papers as Lulu leaves him.
Sabrina has something to share with Michael.
Jason isn’t getting the answers he needs.
Morgan’s behaviour is freaking Kiki out!
Well, it’s not all bad news for Dante..
Morgan finally leaves the family no choice.
It’s not an easy time for either Dante or Lulu.
Carly is there for Kiki when she needs the support.
The various women in Julian’s life do not see eye to eye…
It’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles!
Morgan loses it again, this time it’s dangerous!
Anna can’t hold the truth in any longer!
Elizabeth and Jason share Thanksgiving with Quartermaines.

Note: there will be no new episodes on Thursday and Friday