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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 28 – Dec 2, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Anna moves forward with her investigation.
Nelle has a moment of doubt.
Racked with guilt about his wife, Finn races to save Hayden.
Griffin and Anna decide to go looking for Claudette.
Franco has Tom Baker in his sights…
Ava uses Morgan’s death to get what she wants.
Anna has words with Valentin!
Sam doesn’t trust Curtis like Jason does…
Bobbie is back where she belongs at the hospital.
Franco decides to visit Heather for a chat.
Griffin handles a tense situation at the hospital.
Carly has no choice but to tell Sonny the truth.
Dillon tries to brighten Kiki’s day.
Nelle’s plan to manipulate Sonny works perfectly!
Griffin and Elizabeth have a touching moment together.
Laura surprises Kevin when he least expects it.
Jordan and Andre have a heated exchange.
Finn is desperate to find a cure to help Hayden…
Valentin knows exactly how to impress Nina.. through Charlotte.
Alexis’s drinking hits rock bottom as she faces the music.
Nathan and Maxie are concerned about Nina’s choices.