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General Hospital Spoilers – November 3 – 7, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Sonny and Morgan hear a gunshot, Max is down!
Franco shows the tape at his wedding.
Jason receives a staggering hospital bill, and talks to Liz
about his next move.
Morgan wants Sonny to give up his plan.
Franco unleashes his anger on Carly.
Nina is completely losing it, while Ava pleads with her.
Shawn and Jordan end up in a very dangerous situation.
Ava makes a decision and shares unexpected information with
Nina about the past.
Silas confronts Madeline about Nina’s whereabouts
Michael isn’t prepared for what he finds out.
Morgan gives Kiki an alarming update.
Franco has a surprise for Heather, and ends up calling Nina.
Silas continues to think about his relationship with Sam.
Ava finally comes face to face with Sonny.
Nathan and Silas are on the hunt for a dangerous Nina.
Scotty wants to exact his own revenge.
Julian is desperate to win back Alexis and protect his family.
Both Dante and Morgan worry about Michael.
Duke is faced with lying to Anna about the false alibi, and isn’t
sure what to do.
Bobbie thinks Lucy has turned to Duke for more than just comfort.
Michael realizes Sonny has the answers he needs, and finds him!
Anna makes a surprisingly big career move.

Updated November 5th.