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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 30 – Dec 4, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Maxie gives Nina the glam look she needs for the job.
Julian is floored by the new and more gorgeous Nina!
Alexis is thrilled Helena is gone, but sympathizes with Nikolas.
Carly faces off with Elizabeth and demands she let Jason go!
Sam makes plans for Danny to spend time with Jake.
Things gets testy between Patrick and Jason!
Surprised by what she hears, Maxie has an idea for Dillon.
Tracy realizes Jason’s return may have an impact on ELQ!
Sam will stop at nothing to find what Liz actually knew.
Paul issues a very major threat to Carlos!
Maxie has advice for Lulu as she tries to cope.
Carly and Elizabeth continue to bicker…
He knows who he is, but Jason still chooses Elizabeth.
Jordan is in for a shocker…
Franco doesn’t quite know how to deal with Julian.
Elizabeth realizes it could all come crashing down soon!
Sam decides to grill Laura about what she knows.
Mac is there for Anna when she needs the support
Hayden finally gets answers about the day she was shot.
It’s decision time for Sabrina..
Ava realizes she doesn’t know Paul well at all.