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General Hospital SPOILERS – November 7 – 11, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Alexis has a major wake-up call!
Michael continues to blame himself for Morgan’s death.
Max gives Jason a missing piece of information.
Anna and Griffin are in for a shock.
Michael and Nelle continue to get closer…
Andre has a warning for Curtis.
Nathan receives worrisome news in the mail.
Sonny and Carly wonder about Morgan’s journal.
Laura hears startling news from Alexis about Valentin!
Lulu and Dante celebrate with each other.
It’s time for Alexis to face the music.
Elizabeth is very appreciative of Franco’s support.
Tracy wonders what the heck is going on…
Obrecht is on a mission to get rid of Finn.
Jordan and Andre see an unusual encounter.
Jason receives a key piece of information from Max.
Jax arrives in town and sees something troubling.
Sam is very worried about Alexis!
Dillon is there for Kiki…
Finn and Laura deal with an emergency situation!
Morgan’s funeral is a sad day in Port Charles.
Elizabeth receives alarming information!
Griffin shares classified information with Carly.
Hayden gets the support she needs from Finn and Tracy… and Liz.
Ava learns the truth about the message she received.