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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 10 – 14, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

A tearful Kiki shares her pain with Franco.
A devastated Michael blames himself for the tragedy.
TJ tells Jordan he forgives her for the past,
Dante is desperate to find the truth.
Nathan is enchanted by Charlotte.
Franco and Nina talk honestly about parenting, and what it means.
Kiki doesn’t let Dillon in while her world crumbles.
Lulu is shocked by unexpected news.
Maxie decides she needs to find out the complete truth.
Alexis leans on Sam during these tough times.
Hayden and Finn tell Tracy about the hospital sale!
Jake doesn’t understand what’s going on with the grown-ups.
Tracy and Dillon have a heartfelt mother and son talk.
Franco tells Sam he is here to stay.
Nina is crushed by difficult news.
Carly has had enough and makes a decision!
Jason and Michael share an important promise.
Monica and Tracy come together for the hospital.
Laura decides to try again with Kevin.
Nelle tells Kiki part of what Morgan said to her.
Ava is grief-stricken.
Dante is desperate to find answers.