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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 12 – 16, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Nina pays off the bartender and Kiki is released.
Alexis is VERY suspicious about Olivia’s adopted baby.
Sabrina is pregnant, and tries to contact Carlos.
Jordan wants to know more about Carlos from Anna!
There’s danger ahead for Sam and Jake.
Kiki’s downward spiral is obvious at the Floating Rib.
Dillon gets a warning from Dante!
Nathan and Maxie find themselves on opposite sides.
Paul continues to taunt Anna.
Dante is stunned when Dillon confronts him about Valerie.
Ava has no choice but to keep going along with Paul.
Nikolas offers Hayden a job while Elizabeth freaks out.
Sabrina tells Felix about the baby!
Kiki has major support in Franco and Nina.
Nina begins to really let down her guard.
Sonny demands answers from Michael and Morgan.
Sam brings Spinelli into the mix to help her and Jake!
Patrick just can’t figure out what’s wrong with Hayden.
Lulu is not interested in Dillon’s offer.
Valerie and Dillon share their woes…
Alexis’ instincts tell her Olivia’s story doesn’t add up..

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