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General Hospital Spoilers – October 13 – 17, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Samtrick and Tracy are in for a shock during their Amsterdam trip – it’s Jerry Jacks!
Things get tense between Liesl and Madeline.
Elizabeth continues to find out more about John Doe, and opens up to him about Lucky.
Silas grills Nina after she gets angry at him.
Nathan and Maxie try to avoid each other, but it’s not easy…
Tracy ignores Sam and Patrick’s advice and risks it all in her quest to find the truth.
Franco and Sonny start conspiring against each other.
Nik talks to Spencer about his mother.
Jordan asks John Doe about the accident, looking for new information.
Silas hears a surprising confession from Franco about Nina.
Nina decides to blackmail Rosalie.
Britt and Nikolas make a decision about their relationship
Bobbie asks Carly if she really wants to go thru with her Halloween wedding to Franco.
Morgan and Kiki figure out a plan together while protecting Ava.
Nathan wants to talk to Nina after he finds something out from Madeline…
Franco kicks off his plan and extends an offer to Michael – best man?
Sabrina needs to fix what she did to Ava, and talks to Felix about it.
Britt is reminded what could happen if Nikolas finds out the truth about Spencer’s ‘disappearance’.
Nathan discovers something about Nina that concerns him.
Sonny puts his plan in motion with Shawn’s help.
Morgan continues to help Ava as much as possible.
Nina finds someone who might help her.

Updated October 17th.

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