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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 17 – 21, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Hayden decides to go to Evan’s hotel room.
The DNA test proves Nathan is not Charlotte’s father.
A drunk and desperate Sonny mourns Morgan.
Anna decides to rejoin the WSB.
Heather admits to Franco she attacked Bobbi and Lucas!
Laura grills Liz about her feelings for Franco.
Nelle is there for Sonny, offering support.
TJ makes very wrong assumptions.
Maxie has something very important to share.
Sonny can’t seem to control his dreams…
Laura makes a tough decision about Wyndemere.
While Liz worries about her future, Franco has an idea.
Michael helps Carly through her painful denial.
Jason is there for Carly when she needs him the most.
Hayden knows what she wants and how to get it…
Anna receives an interesting job offer.
Tracy has strong words for Lucy.
Hayden confronts Finn about their relationship.
Jason and Sam have a heart to heart about their future.
Claudette is panic-stricken and asks for help…
It’s Sonny vs Ava once again!
Nelle can’t help herself, and has strong words for Ava.