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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 19 – 23, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Ned dumps Olivia – he can’t live with her lies.
Julian surprises Alexis with a house!
Hayden hears Nikolas talking about his feelings for her.
Lulu and Dillon continue to bicker.
Olivia needs to convince herself she’s doing the right thing.
Sonny accidentally hears bad news.
Protective of Nina, Nathan has questions for Franco.
Jake wants to know more from Nikolas.
Elizabeth wants Jake to stop searching for his identity!
Nathan tells Dante he needs to come clean with Lulu.
Morgan and Kiki definitely have some unresolved issues!
Spinelli finds an important clue to Jake’s identity.
The pressure is starting to really get to Anna.
Lulu picks up on vibes between Nikolas and Laura.
Alexis has important advice for Julian.
Jake fills Carly in on Sam and Spinelli’s investigation.
Julian has plans of his own…
Elizabeth has her bridal shower at General Hospital.
Laura is worried about what she sees happening with Little Jake!
Kiki helps out Nina, who hasn’t a clue how to be domestic!
Brad confides his marital woes to Alexis.

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