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General Hospital Spoilers – October 20 – 24, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael is shocked as he gets closer to the truth about AJ.
Ava gets the help she desperately needs from Silas.
Franco extends a surprising wedding invite – to Heather!
Nina bribes Madeline to help with her next plan.
Lucas’ thoughts turn to a career, thanks to Brad and Bobbie.
Nathan is looking for Nina.
Things get tense between Jordan and TJ.
Jason begins to remember important details about the accident.
Sonny rethinks his hit on Franco.
Olivia warns Carly about her wedding – she had a vision!
Rosalie’s secret is finally exposed!
Sam and Patrick are back from Amsterdam and give Alexis the update.
Julian’s jealousy of Alexis and Ned continues to grow and it shows.
Tracy talks about her plans to get Luke back.
Liesl wants to know why Anna shared details of Crichton Clark with Nathan.
Ned receives good advice.
Jake (Jason) unexpectedly crosses paths with Carly.
Alexis continues to push Julian away.
Dante gives his mom good advice about her feelings for Ned!
There is concern for Ava from a surprising source.
Sonny has pangs of guilt.
Jordan wants to open up about her undercover work.
Nina and Franco get closer while they work on their respective plans.
Sonny’s guilt results in an unexpected vision.
Rosalie gets grilled about Ava.
Ava receives a warning from Kiki that someone is close to finding her.

Updated October 24th.

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