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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 24 – 28, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Jason has choice words for Curtis.
Alexis understands what Carly is going through.
Max and Jason are worried about Sonny.
Charlotte is strangely familiar to Laura…
Nelle tries to get through to Michael about Sonny’s state.
Alexis has an unexpected meeting that really throws her off.
Curtis decides to muscle in on Jordan’s investigation.
Lucy shares some information with Laura about Wyndemere.
Robin is back in town for a brief stay!
Laura decides it’s time to let go of the past…
Things get very tense between Hayden and Finn!
Bobbie thinks there might be more to Nelle than meets the eye.
Maxie and Nathan receive a shocking video.
Griffin continues to confide in Anna.
Sonny and Scott go head to head…
Franco and Elizabeth tell Jordan what they found out about the hospital.
Nathan and Maxie are determined to get married!
Claudette takes advantage of Griffin…
Jason and Sonny do not see eye to eye.