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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 26 – 30, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Dillon is sick and tired of Dante’s attitude…
Julian plays Daddy to Leo with Alexis by his side.
Olivia asks Dante and Lulu to be godparents to Leo.
Dante decides to come clean to Sonny!
Thanks to Sam, Diane is there to bail Spinelli out.
Sam finds herself having unexpected doubts.
Dillon sees something going on between Dante and Valerie.
Anna is caught off-guard when Paul comes clean to her.
Nikolas is getting sick and tired of Sam sticking her nose in.
Elizabeth receives something special from Gram.
Ava needs Kiki’s help and gives it her best shot.
Paul dishes out heartfelt advice to Dillon.
Anna faces a rather difficult meeting.
Ric has bad news for Sonny on the legal front.
Dillon really really wants to tell his secret!
Jake makes plans with the boys for some trick-or-treating.
Hayden makes plans to go to Jake and Elizabeth’s wedding!
Carly and Sonny hear all about Michael’s exciting news.
There’s a Halloween party on the Haunted Star.
Sam is determined, and commits her support to Jake.
When it comes to Lulu, it’s Dillon vs Dante.
Nikolas is angry with Sam, and lets her know just how much.
Elizabeth has major jitters as her wedding day gets near!

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