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General Hospital Spoilers – October 27 – 31, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Shawn kicks off the plan to eliminate Franco.
Liz continues to bond with her patient, Jake (aka Jason) as they
figure out how to deal with Dr. Obrecht together.
Nina finds out about Ava’s recent cramps.
Michael has a theory about AJ’s murder and tells Sonny.
Franco has a bachelor party, thanks to Scott.
The trick-or-treating kids celebrate Beggar’s Night in Port Charles.
Maxie and Nathan want to spend time together, and ask Diane
for help.
Carly really wants Michael to stop investigating AJ’s murder.
Franco’s plan for the wedding is unexpectedly interrupted.
Nina gets started on her new plan with a trap.
Shawn and Jordan discuss their relationship with TJ.
Sonny receives a warning from Anna about Ava.
Michael is thrown off when Carly asks him to stop his search for
AJ’s real killer.
Sam receives upsetting news about Danny and shares with Silas.
Shawn is out of commission thanks to Heather.
Carly finds out about one of Franco’s secrets… from Spencer!
Sonny decides to tell Morgan the truth – he killed AJ.
Franco and Carly’s ghoulish Halloween wedding is here, and it
doesn’t go well.
Franco surprises all his wedding guests!
Nina makes an unbelievable move.
Julian an Alexis do their best to help Sam.
Anna and Dante are shocked by details of AJ’s murder.

Updated October 31st.