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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 3 – 7, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Paul is behind bars but still has something to say!
Sonny warns Michael not to throw his life away on revenge.
Tracy angrily tells Kiki to leave Dillon alone.
Jordan rejects Curtis request for a second chance.
Nelle is there for Morgan, but taken aback by his actions!
Ned and Olivia can’t fight their feelings.
Dillon is upset but gives his word…
Alexis has a surprise visitor when she’s had one too many.
Paul realizes he will have to silence Tracy!
Kiki has doubts about a future with Morgan.
Nina gets an earful from Curtis.
Kiki confides in Franco with a secret.
Ava gets herself out of a sticky situation.
Griffin talks to Sonny about faith, and what it really means.
Alexis begins to spiral out of control…
Hayden and Finn can’t believe what they hear about the hospital.
Dante tries to be a voice of reason.
Morgan confesses to Andre.
Claudette shares details about her past with Griffin.
Kiki realizes it’s time to tell the truth about how she feels.
Sonny’s conscience begins to get the better of him.
Kiki and Nelle have much to share.
Griffin is thrilled to have Anna back, and needs to talk.
Morgan reacts but gets things completely wrong…