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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 31 – Nov 4, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Hayden decides to tell Finn how she really feels.
Anna has very surprising news.
Anna decides she wants to work the Valentin case for the WSB.
Julian misses Alexis…
Valentin turns the charm on Nina!
Alexis passes out after drinking alone.
Ava is rattled when she receives an eerie text.
Franco and Jason have an unpleasant exchange.
Sonny tries to make it up to Carly, with no luck.
Liz offers Griffin some advice when it comes to Charlotte.
Valerie is stunned and upset when Curtis betrays her trust.
A macabre Halloween in Port Charles includes gunshots!
Dillon tells Kiki exactly what he wants.
Anna gets a strangely familiar feeling after an encounter.
Jason will not give up his search for the truth.
Nina’s announcement stuns Nathan and Maxie.
Charlotte and Griffin start to really bond.
Franco is having a tough time controlling his suspicions.
Nelle totally misunderstands a situation…
Metro Court throws a spooky Halloween bash.
Sam suspects Alexis has an ulterior motive.
Sonny freaks out when he sees someone!
Michael decides to grill Nelle…
Anna embarks on a new assignment but is still there for Griffin.
Ava is on the receiving end of an ominous message!