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General Hospital SPOILERS – October 5 – 9, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

An unexpected call from Hayden really rattles Elizabeth.
Sonny finds out he’s paralyzed!
Laura is shocked to see Nikolas and Hayden together.
Franco offers Kiki a home with him and Nina.
Jake and Sam find themselves in a dangerous situation!
Hayden can’t believe what she overhears…
Tracy and Paul don’t see eye to eye.
Laura wants Jake to dig deeper into his past.
Life takes an unexpected turn for Sabrina!
Things get worse when Ava tries to make up with Kiki..
Dillon confesses his feelings to Lulu!
Olivia has an idea how to keep Leo from Julian.
Laura won’t let go – it’s time for Elizabeth to tell the truth!
Sam and Jake find themselves spending more time together.
Franco does what he can while Kiki falls apart.
Tracy has real doubts about Michael… Quartermaine?
Nikolas is starting to lose control of the situation!
Sam and Anna sit down with Emma for an important talk.
Felix pops by to see Sabrina.
Jake wonders why Elizabeth is upset about a phone call??
Nathan gets it wrong, and makes things a whole lot worse.
Jake approaches Sam – he has something to ask her.

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