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General Hospital Spoilers – October 6 – 10, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Carly and Sonny are unaware they are being watched by Franco and Nina.

Elizabeth has a new reason to be optimistic about her John Doe patient, “Jake”..

Sam and Patrick continue to work together, but also end up in bed!

Silas finds something that makes him very suspicious of Nina.

Nathan and Maxie go on an official date!

Franco tells Sonny to apologize.

Elizabeth wants to find the real identity of her John Doe patient.

Monica is spotted out for dinner with Judge Walters.

Maxie talks to the judge about Georgie, and he has choice words for her!

Britt receives a surprising invite from Nikolas and Spencer.

Rosalie finds out something shocking!

Sabrina pays a visit to Carlos in jail and starts to realize she may be wrong about Ava.

Shawn insists to Jordan he will find Ava.

Sonny wants to take down Franco, with Shawn’s help.

Franco decides how to proceed with Carly.

Ava has no idea she and the baby are at risk, while Morgan picks up her prescription.

Rosalie agrees to keep things to herself.

Lucy needs a shoulder to cry on – and she picks Duke.

Someone pays Obrecht an unexpected visit.

Tracy makes another attempt to speak with Fluke.

Elizabeth enlists Dante’s help in identifying John Doe.

Milo and Epiphany go on their date, but it doesn’t go as well as planned!

Nina gets angry at Silas.

Updated October 8th.

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