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General Hospital Spoilers – September 1-5, 2014

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This week on General Hospital

Levi takes drastic measures in dealing with the girls, putting Maxie in real danger.

Michael tells Sonny and Morgan about his dinner with Ava.

Silas opens up to Kiki about the situation with Nina.

Alexis and Julian can’t stop thinking about each other.

Kiki accidentally hears Sonny and Carly talking, and is shocked.

Sabrina is out for revenge after learning new details about the accident.

Britt starts asking questions about Nathan’s father.

Kiki shares a secret with Morgan.

Sabrina runs into same person she thinks caused her crash.

Carly continues to worry, but Sonny is there to comfort her…

Ava is desperate for Franco’s help.

Sam suspects there is something Patrick isn’t telling her.

Nina continues making baby plans, but also has a new obsession to keep her busy.

Rosalie starts questioning Nina’s true motives.

Franco makes an effort to bond with Josslyn.

Spencer confides in Emma but enlists Josslyn’s help to keep her and Cameron apart.

Sam warns Silas about Nina.

Sam asks Patrick what he’s not telling her about the Chrichton Clark.

Updated September 5th.

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