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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 12 – 16, 2016

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General Hospital This Week

Julian announces he wants to plead guilty.
Tracy asks Michael about his plans for the future.
Sabrina saves the day at the hospital!
Kiki gives Franco some wise advice about Elizabeth.
Morgan announces he has enrolled in PCU…
Finn sees qualities in Hayden that she keeps hidden.
Morgan surprises Kiki when she least expects it.
Michael shares some good news with Felix.
Hayden and Elizabeth are shocked to learn they’re sisters!
Ava continues her scheming from a position of power.
Hayden agrees to help Liz, but on her own terms.
Ava blackmails Paul in order to save Julian.
Lulu is determined to find the truth.
Alexis is having a tough time holding it together.
Nelle dispenses helpful advice to Carly.
Andre helps the PCPD get closer to solving the case.
Carly and Michael are definitely not on the same page.
Paul goes after Monica, but accidentally finds another victim.
Darby is back in the picture…
Franco and Jason have more in common than they realize.
Kiki says what she really thinks.
Julian’s trial kicks off!
Sabrina does the right thing at the right time.