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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 14 – 18, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Scotty thinks Ava knows something about Sonny’s shooting.
Lucas visits Julian in lock-up, looking for answers.
Ric and Sam have a chat about Jake.. and Jason.
Carly tells Patrick to operate on Sonny.
Elizabeth confesses a past sin to Jake.. Danny’s DNA results.
Emotions are running high for Dante.
Nathan has strong advice for Valerie!
For Sam, there’s something about Jake…
Morgan obsesses over Julian, and grills TJ.
Michael is there for Carly..
Patrick prepares the family for the worst.
Dante’s guilt is getting the better of him, and he turns to Nathan.
It’s up to Carly to make a tough call on Sonny’s behalf.
Michael tries to handle an out-of-control Morgan.
It’s family time for Patrick as the girls plan a surprise.
Amid the chaos, Maxie and Nathan make time for each other.
Paul is there for Dillon, when the movie hits a snag.
Surprisingly, Scotty decides to take on Ava’s case.
Julian has an offer for Alexis.
Dante’s world is turned upside-down!
It’s payback time for Ric, courtesy of Franco and Nina.
Elizabeth is struggling to control the situation.
The mob war intensifies in Port Charles.

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