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General Hospital Spoilers – September 15-19, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

After confessing to Victor, Dr. Obrecht could find herself in a dangerous situation.

Dante does his best to protect Lulu.

Danger is brewing for Robin at Chrichton-Clark.

Maxie and Nathan work together to escape.

Sam and Patrick make dinner plans.

Victor receives the results of the DNA test.

Sam realizes she is attracted to Patrick, but her past gets in the way of the new feelings…

Sonny talks to Olivia about Carly.

Anna finds Obrecht ‘s recent behavior alarming.

An unknown patient is heard screaming.

Spencer makes another attempt to warn Nikolas about Luke.

Robin makes a shocking discovery – an enemy has returned!

Sabrina thinks about revenge with a prescription for Ava.

Sam and Patrick decide to confide in both Alexis and Elizabeth (separately!).

Nina continues her obsession with ‘The List’.

Kiki begins to suspect Rosalie’s motives.

Ava and Morgan talk about the baby, and what it means to their families.

Sonny and Shawn make plans to kidnap Ava again.

Kiki can’t resist sharing a secret with Silas.

Carly throws Franco a birthday party while she works through her guilt.

Sonny and Carly spend time remembering Jason during the party.

Nina shares some information with Franco.

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Updated September 16th.

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