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General Hospital SPOILERS – September 21 – 25, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Michael talks Morgan into leaving the cabin.
Julian decides to find out who shot Sonny and expose them.
Ric is fired and Paul is hired!
Sonny keeps calling Jake “Jason”.. and Liz blames the drugs.
Morgan still wants Julian to pay.
Julian is touched by Alexis’ actions…
It’s time for Michael to make some decisions.
She needs help, so Alexis approaches Paul.
Elizabeth makes excuses for Sonny.
Jake is there for both Carly and Michael.
Alexis pleads with Morgan about Julian.
Michael and Carly urge Morgan to get help before it’s too late!
Sam is ready to leave the past behind, her future is with Patrick.
Ava pulls a real shocker.
Jake and Sam bump into each other at that Chinese restaurant.
Elizabeth and Jake move forward with their plans and set a date!
Olivia needs help with Leo and turns to Tracy.
After the shooting, Michael is all about family.
Her wedding anniversary brings back memories for Sam.
It’s Ava vs Carly as the claws come out!
Maxie is curious about Tracy and Paul and goes digging.
Julian needs Sam to help him out.

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