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General Hospital Spoilers – September 22-26, 2014

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This Week on General Hospital

Franco grills Kiki about what she knows.

Shawn and Max make their move on Ava, who makes her escape with Jordan’s help!

Lucy has had enough of Scotty’s indecision between her and Bobbie.

Franco stuns guests at his birthday party when he asks Carly to marry him.

Anna consoles a sad little Emma, who misses Robin.

Ava decides to leave town immediately.

Robin has a chance to contact her family.

Ava asks Morgan for help.

Kiki confides in Morgan instead of Michael (again).

There is trouble ahead for Shawn and Jordan.

Ava hits a snag in her plans to leave town… it’s Jason!

Elizabeth treats a mysterious patient.

Nathan has a bold question for Maxie.

Julian and Olivia are disappointed.

Alexis and Ned’s date is interrupted.

Sam and Patrick go to Alexis to ask about Luke’s strange behavior.

Fluke sends someone to see Julian with a message.

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Updated September 24th.

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